Now as the global warming, gradual scarcity of renewable resources and more and more serious environment pollution, "Energy saving, environmental protection" is not only a slogan, it should become our standard of conduct. As a new green product, LED lamp is not only good for environment protection, but also help the users save money. Althought Led lamp is a little more expensive than traditional lights, but it can help users recover the cost in one or two years because of its energy saving and longer life. LED lamp is more brightness than eco-lamp. The most important is: LED lamp doesn't generate ultraviolet light or infrared ray, or mercury pollution, which is no harm to our health. 

QICHUANG INT'L CO.,LIMITED is a professional LED lights manufacturer,specializing in good quality and high power LED lamps,our popular products have: LED LOGO projector light,flexible LED strip, Motorcycle Strip Light,Aluminium Profile LED Strip Lights, LED T8 tube, high power LED downlights, LED industrial light (LED high bay light) , LED panel light, LED floodlight and LED underground light etc,which were widely used in interior decoration, indoor lighting and outdoor landscape lighting 

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